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Scott Walker

Working Together to Solve Wisconsin's Biggest Problems

Nov 13, 2013 4:50:00 PM

“Stay positive and stay focused… good things will ultimately happen.”

Governor Walker shows his spirit of optimism in a video recently put out by the Republican Governor’s Association as a part of their American Comeback campaign.  The RGA is sharing the success stories of Republican governors across the nation in contrast to the current lack of leadership in Washington. There’s no better place to look than to Wisconsin where Governor Walker’s forward-thinking policies continue to make our state a better place. 

While in office, Governor Walker has transformed the state of Wisconsin’s future prospects from the bleak days of the Doyle administration.  Under his leadership Wisconsin is truly moving forward.  The track record doesn’t lie:

  • 11,590 new businesses created
  • $100 million given in property tax relief
  • Reduced unemployment well below the national average
  • Turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $760 million surplus

These accomplishments have not come easy.  Over the last four years, Governor Walker has had to endure a lot of antagonism. In the video, he specifically recalls being hassled while raking leaves with his son outside of their home.  Rather than being discouraged from this incident, the Governor remained optimistic and confident in what he has done and continues to do as our governor.  The next thing he knew, two other cars pulled over and give him two thumbs up.  This serves as a great reminder to stay positive and focused despite antagonisms, because ultimately good things will happen.

Governor Walker’s determination has already driven the comeback in Wisconsin where he has been largely responsible for working with both sides of the aisle.  He stresses the importance of working together despite your differences:

“Don’t ever personalize your differences. Your opponents today could be your allies tomorrow… It’s alright to stand up for principle, but be decent about it.”

This sentiment is why Wisconsin stands apart from all of the gridlock in our nation’s capital.  Governor Walker holds strong to his beliefs while continuing to extend an olive branch to all who are willing to participate in creating a better future for Wisconsin.

His optimism and commitment to working together is what we need to keep Wisconsin moving forward.

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