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Scott Walker

Moving Wisconsin Forward

The American dream isn't about dependency on the government - the American dream is that what's great about this country is it doesn't matter what your parents do for a living, what class you were born into, or where you came from. In America you can do anything and be anything no matter what your background. You have equal opportunity, but the outcome is up to you.

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Jobs and Economy
Putting Wisconsin Back to Work

"I think we can have that sort of transformational difference - from government providing all the answers to where it empowered a partnership with employers, particularly small businesses, and created an environment for more jobs." - Scott Walker

Education for the 21st Century

"By ensuring students are learning a year's worth of knowledge during each year and giving schools the freedom to succeed, Wisconsin will once again become a model for the nation." - Scott Walker

Reclaiming the Title of America's Dairyland

"Farming is not just Wisconsin's most robust industry; it's a way of life for families who farm. As a child in rural Wisconsin, I watched farm families work to produce the food we buy and the raw materials found in products we use every day." - Scott Walker

Fighting for Wisconsin Veterans

"The freedoms we hold dear were endowed by our Creator and upheld by our constitution but it is the members of our Armed Forces - past and present - who protect those freedoms each day. We are eternally grateful." - Scott Walker

Ensuring Access to Affordable Healthcare

"Health care costs are the fastest rising part of a family's and employer's budget." - Scott Walker

2nd Amendment Rights
Record of Defending the 2nd Amendment

"Protecting and preserving our constitutional freedoms is one of the most important things a governor can do." - Scott Walker

Caring about Wisconsin Tourism

"We are a state blessed with tremendous natural resources, amazing attractions and rich history. Our state is a fun destination and that is why tourism is such a key part of our economy!" - Scott Walker

Protecting Values

"I believe government has no higher purpose than protecting its citizens, particularly those that cannot fight for themselves." - Scott Walker