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Walker Campaign Releases New Ad: "Fortune"

Jul 16, 2014 6:55:00 AM

Madison – Governor Scott Walker’s campaign released a new television advertisement today titled “Fortune,” which highlights how Millionaire Mary Burke makes millions of dollars from a company that shipped hundreds of jobs overseas.

“Mary Burke shamelessly makes millions from a business that shipped hundreds of jobs overseas,” Walker Campaign Communications Director Tom Evenson said.  “How can the voters trust someone like Mary Burke to help them create jobs when her own company shipped Wisconsin jobs overseas?”

Transcript of “Fortune” (:30)

Woman:      Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your fortune grow?

                   By making millions of dollars…

                   Sending jobs overseas that could have been done in Wisconsin…

                   To countries where women and children might work up to 12 hours a

   day, earning only two dollars an hour.

Girl:            Only two dollars an hour? 

Boy:            Interesting.

Woman:      To be continued…

Boy:            You mean there’s more?

Woman:      Yes, so much more.

According to one news report, the average wage in China is $1.36 per hour and average workdays are 12 hours long, compared to $23.32 and 8.6 hours in the United States, respectively.

Fact Sheet for "Fortune"

Watch "Fortune": http://goo.gl/Zw7YTf


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