16 regional companies have registered on state website for potential suppliers to massive Foxconn factory coming to SE Wisconsin
February 11, 2018

The massive Foxconn Technology Group factory planned near Racine will have a major impact on southeastern Wisconsin, but questions remain about how much it will affect businesses in other parts of the state.

What is clear is that a number of companies in the Chippewa Valley have expressed an interest in getting in on the action.

As of Friday, 16 companies in a 12-county region of west-central Wisconsin surrounding Eau Claire had registered on a state website for potential Foxconn suppliers.

“I really don’t know how realistic it is that we could do any work for Foxconn, but the potential is definitely there,” said Tim Tozer, president of Quality Engineering Service of the Chippewa Valley, a Chippewa Falls company that does product validation, testing and calibration on products for multiple industries across the country.

Foxconn is building a manufacturing plant in Racine County to make flat-screen display panels for commercial and consumer uses, including televisions. The plant is expected to be a $10 billion complex employing up to 13,000 people. Gov. Scott Walker pledged to invest $3 billion in taxpayer money to get the electronics giant to build the plant in Wisconsin.

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