Meet Scott

Humble Beginnings. Bold Ideas.

Meet Scott Walker

Humble Beginnings. Bold Ideas.

Scott Walker grew up in a small Wisconsin town called Delavan. The son of a pastor, Scott had the spirit of service instilled in him at an early age. He was involved in sports, band, church, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

While in high school, Scott was selected to attend the American Legion’s Badger Boys State program and went on to be one of two representatives from Wisconsin to go to Boys Nation in Washington, D.C. Both of these programs teach young men about the virtues of the American form of government and the protection of freedom. The experience opened Scott’s eyes to public service.

In 1986, Scott moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University. While still in school, he worked for IBM before leaving school in his senior year to work full-time in development for the American Red Cross.

Scott was elected to the State Assembly in 1993. While there, he chaired a number of committees, authored Wisconsin's Truth-in-Sentencing law, and voted to enact a billion dollars in property tax relief.

In 2002, Scott was elected Milwaukee County Executive on a platform of reforming the scandal-ridden county government that had left taxpayers on the hook for millions in pension obligations.

For eight years as County Executive, Scott kept his promise to spend taxpayer money as if it were his own. Not only did he author nine consecutive budgets holding the line on the property tax levy year after year, and reduce the county government workforce by 20%, but he also gave back over $375,000 of his own salary back to the taxpayers.

Despite failing national and state economies, Milwaukee County recorded a budget surplus.

On January 3, 2011, Scott Walker was inaugurated as Wisconsin’s 45th Governor.

Since that day, he has proposed bold reforms that have eliminated the state’s $3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes and gave school districts and local governments the tools to balance their budgets without the massive layoffs seen in other states. To date, these profound changes have saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $2 billion, and property taxes on the average median-value home are lower now than when he took office.

After years of record job loss, Wisconsin has gained over 140,000 jobs under Governor Walker, bringing the unemployment rate down to 4.6%, the lowest level since 2008.

On June 5, 2012, Scott Walker became the first governor in American history to win a recall election - garnering more votes and a higher percentage than in his 2010 election.

On November 4, 2014, Scott was reelected as Wisconsin’s 45th Governor. Already in his second term, Scott has continued to stand up for working people by making Wisconsin the 25th Right to Work state in America. He remains committed to reducing the tax burden for Wisconsin’s hardworking taxpayers, streamlining government, and advancing reforms that will provide more opportunity and prosperity for all.

Governor Walker is married to Tonette and they have two sons – Matt, a junior in college, and Alex who is a sophomore in college. They are active members of their church in Wauwatosa and remain active with numerous charitable programs.

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