Gov. Scott Walker: Our plan will help Wisconsin win the 21st century
August 6, 2018

Wisconsin is working!

More people are employed in Wisconsin than ever before and our unemployment rate — for the first time in history — has been below 3 percent for five months in a row. We balanced our budgets while investing more actual dollars into schools than ever before, while still reducing the tax burden on working families, senior citizens, small businesses and family farmers by more than $8 billion through the end of this budget. We froze tuition at the University of Wisconsin six years in a row. Our health care systems are ranked No. 1 in the nation for quality. And we helped more than 25,000 people transition from welfare into the workforce.

We are moving Wisconsin forward.

Now, we have a plan for the next four years. We call it Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century.

We want to have every student graduate and have a plan for their career. We are one of the top states in the nation for high school graduation rates. During the next four years, we want to be the best — because we need everyone in the workforce. That means continuing to make historic investments in our schools.

We want to be a top state for millennials and for retirees. That means continuing the tuition freeze, helping to reduce the impact of student loan debt — as well as reducing the burden on retirees in the state.

We want to ensure that everyone who is able to work is in the workforce. That means requiring all able-bodied adults to be employed and able to pass a drug test to get public assistance.

We want Wisconsin to lead the way in lowering the overall tax burden for Wisconsin families and for seniors.

We want Wisconsin to continue to have the best health care in the nation for quality. We want to lower premiums and increase choices. We want to cover pre-existing conditions so people with cancer and other serious diseases have coverage. Plus, we want to ensure that BadgerCare is around to provide relief to seniors for prescription drugs.

And we want to have the largest drop in opioid and other illegal drug addictions of any state.

This is how Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century.

Looking ahead, I am sure that our opponents will continue their rhetoric filled with anger and hatred. We will counter with a positive record of helping the people of Wisconsin and our optimistic plans for the future.

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