Gov. Scott Walker says he wants to grow workforce development in his third term
October 9, 2018

Gov. Scott Walker said he will focus on growing workforce development if he is elected to a third term during a stop Thursday at a business division of energy company U.S. Venture, Inc.

“Our game plan to grow the economy is real simple,” Walker said. “We need to focus on workforce.”

The governor outlined a plan of three areas he would pursue including increased educational training, breaking down barriers for employment and recruiting more workers from outside the state.

“In 2018, there are more people working than ever before. That’s a stark contrast to eight years ago,” Walker said.

Walker said he wants to expand vocational training for seventh- and eighth- graders and make investments in apprenticeships and technical schools, the UW system, private universities and worker training programs.

He also wants to make it easier for more people to enter the workforce.

“We’re now one of the top states for hiring people with disabilities,” Walker said.

Attracting everyone from millennials to college alumni to military personnel will be key for Wisconsin, he said.

“Months before I took office, unemployment was 9.3 percent, we were losing our graduates in many cases to other states. Now we have in many cases, more jobs than people unemployed to fill them,” Walker said. “If Tony Evers were to get in office, we’d go backwards again. He’s talking about plans to raise property taxes, to raise income taxes on manufacturers and farmers, to raise the gas tax to as much as $1 a gallon, saying everything’s on the table, that will cost us jobs, that will send us backwards.”

Walker previously has said if he wins a third term as governor, it will be his last.

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