Gov. Scott Walker: Together, we can keep Wisconsin moving forward
May 26, 2018

Tonette and I are proud that our two sons — Matt and Alex — are living and working here in Wisconsin. Like many parents, our American Dream is not about owning a company or even a house. It’s seeing our children do well and — ideally — living close to home. That’s why Tonette and I are thrilled that our sons live and have careers close to us. We want that for other families, too.

My mom and dad live here in Wisconsin. For a while, they actually lived in our home in Wauwatosa. Now, they live close to my brother and his family. Watching them age, I am happy to live in a state that is ranked No. 1 for quality in health care. And I am happy they are close to family and friends.

Looking ahead, we have a plan to make Wisconsin one of the best states for millennials and for retirees and everyone in between. We call it “Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century.”

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