Governor Walker Green Lights Highway Project
July 24, 2018

SHEBOYGAN, WIS. (WFRV) – Governor Scott Walker has approved a $2.2 million dollar project to improved a stretch of highway in Sheboygan County.
This is part of his efforts to create jobs and make sure Wisconsin is continually advancing.
The project will improve 8.6 miles of WIS 28 in the County, spaning from WIS 57 in the town of Lyndon to Prange Road in the town of Wilson.
Monday, July 30th is the when the project is scheduled to start, with the finishing touches being completed mid to late September.
WIS 28 will remain open during most of the work, however there will be a full closure of the WIS 28/WIS 32 roundabout in Sheboygan Falls that will go on for approximately three weeks.

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