In the News: Scott Walker is Ensuring Student Success Regardless of Zip Code
July 27, 2018

[Madison, Wis.] – Scott Walker has enacted bold reforms to help Wisconsin’s students be successful in a 21st-century economy. Whether it’s his historic actual-dollar investments in K-12 education, commitment to increasing rural education funding, or his work to make higher education more affordable, the governor is helping students and their families win the 21st century over the next four years.

On Tuesday, the Walker campaign released a new TV ad, entitled “Teach our Kids,” that highlights the governor’s bold investments in Wisconsin’s educational and skills training programs – including doubling the investment in Fab Labs and increasing Sparsity Aid. On top of that, Scott Walker recently announced his plans to continue freezing tuition for another four years in order to make college more affordable for students and their families. Scott Walker’s bold reforms and investments are further proof that he is a pro-education governor and is helping Wisconsin’s students succeed in a 21st-century economy.

Check out what’s in the news:

From the Waukesha Freeman: “This trip found him [Gov. Walker] at Waukesha County Technical College, where he toured the college’s robotics workshop and discussed the importance of students and workers developing skills for high-tech jobs. … ‘Our hope is apprenticeships in seventh and eighth grade, and other accelerated programs can help students get ready for technical college right out of junior high,’ said Walker.”

From The Cap Times: “’I’m being aggressive on this,’ Walker said in an interview last month. ‘We’re proclaiming proudly that I’m the pro-education governor and that I want to continue to be the pro-education governor.’ Walker points to his signature Act 10 legislation, his expansion of the state’s voucher school programs and his goal of boosting high school graduation rates as evidence to bolster his claim, while his Democratic opponents scoff at his rhetoric.”

From the Wisconsin State Journal: “Gov. Scott Walker says if re-elected to a third term, he’ll seek to extend the existing University of Wisconsin System tuition freeze for in-state undergraduate students for another four years. Such a move gives Walker a potent item to tout on the campaign trail, as he contends his policies have made college more affordable for Wisconsin families.”

From WisPolitics: “Gov. Scott Walker released the first 60-second ad of his re-election campaign today, touting efforts to create fab labs to teach high school students job skills. The spot also talks up a $200 per-student increase in state aid included in the 2017-19 budget and a sparsity aid package that was paired with a boost to low-revenue districts.”