By Karen Ebert Yancey

KEWAUNEE – Gov. Scott Walker Friday joined a group of local dignitaries to break ground for the Kewaunee Harbor project, which he said will bring new economic development and tourism to the city.

In his remarks Walker emphasized that unlike many projects for commercial harbors, the $4.2 million in state funds provided for the restoration of the Kewaunee harbor seawall and boardwalk are designed to bring new recreational opportunities to residents and visitors.

It is “unique because of the recreational aspect and implications,” Walker said.

The Governor said that since 2011 there has been about a 30 percent increase in the economic impact of tourism in the state of Wisconsin. He noted that the budget for tourism marketing to Chicago and the Twin Cities had been increased.

“We are here today because of a collaborative effort; it’s one that got you here . . . and that same collaboration is going to be needed to take full advantage of what is going to be an incredible asset,” he said.

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