By Craig Gilbert
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

With the GOP poised for one-party control in Washington, Gov. Scott Walker has a new political mission: keeping Republicans in power in the states.

Walker will take over this week as the chair of the Republican Governors Association, the partisan organization that seeks to elect GOP governors across the country.

There will be two contests for governor in 2017 during Walker’s one-year term. He also will be working to lay the groundwork for 2018, when there are 36 contests.

Republicans currently hold 27 of those offices.

“It’s a formidable task. We think we’re up to it,” said Walker, who pointed repeatedly in an interview to Donald Trump’s victory in swing states such as Wisconsin as boding well for the party in upcoming races for governor.

But Walker said the fate of his party in these midterm races would depend heavily on the first two years of unified Republican control in Washington and the policies his party enacts at the federal level.

“If the policy works, I think (our) governors are in a great position. If for some reason, they just fall apart, which I don’t think they will, obviously that would make it much more difficult,” he said.

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