Our Agenda for Wisconsin’s Future

Keep Wisconsin Working for Generations to Come

Wisconsin is Working!  Literally.  There are more people in the workforce in 2018 than ever before in the history of our state.  Unemployment is below 3% (previous historic low) five months in a row.  Wages are growing faster than the national rate.  The percentage of adults working is one of the highest in the country.

Wisconsin is on a roll!  But we are not done yet.  Scott Walker has a plan to Keep Wisconsin Working for Generations to Come!

Connecting Students with Careers

Scott Walker is focused on connecting students to fulfilling careers here in Wisconsin.  Youth apprenticeships have more than doubled since he took office and actual-dollar funding for our schools is at an all-time high.  Support for our technical colleges continues to grow with his Blueprint for Prosperity Plan.  Plus, he and the Legislature provided funding for academic and career plans in 6th grade for all of our public schools across the state.  These plans give young people a chance to think about their career path.

Now, Scott Walker wants to expand youth apprenticeships to students in 7th and 8th grades to prepare them for success.  This will help ensure that every student graduates from high school with a career plan. His plan also includes expanding support for our technical colleges in Wisconsin – as many of the emerging careers require technical education.

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Reducing Student Loan Debt

Scott Walker wants to keep our graduates here by (in part) making college affordable for students and their families. That is why he and the Legislature froze in-state, undergraduate tuition for 6 years at all University of Wisconsin campuses.  He also signed off on the largest amount of needs-based financial assistance in state history.  And he is pushing to shorten the amount of time needed to graduate from college.

UW tuition went up 118% during the decade before the Scott Walker’s freeze – which is a major reason for the student loan challenges many graduates face today.  To reduce student loan debt and to help keep our graduates here, Scott Walker proposes a tax credit of up to $5,000 over five years for college graduates who live and work in Wisconsin. Plus he will continue the tuition freeze for four more years.  We need to fill high-demand careers and this is another great tool to keep our graduates here.

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Helping Seniors Stay in their Homes

Scott Walker knows that many senior citizens – like his parents – live on fixed incomes.  That is why he fought so hard to drive down property taxes lower than they were in 2010.  Looking ahead, he will continue to keep property taxes lower on a median-valued home than they were in 2010.

Now, Scott Walker will provide a tax credit for senior citizens to stay in their homes.  In the past, too many of our seniors faced a financial crunch with high property taxes, high prescription drug costs and high healthcare costs. Scott Walker has a plan to help our seniors.  And this will help grow the workforce as many of our retirees can become mentors for the next generation of workers.

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Making Child Care Affordable for Working Families

Scott Walker is fighting to help working families make ends meet.  He lowered property taxes and income taxes.  His Wisconsin Healthcare Stability Plan will drive down premiums, increase choices and improve healthcare.  His $100-per-child tax rebate and the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday helps families as they prepare for school.

Still, the high cost of child care is a burden and often a barrier to entering or staying in the workforce. Scott Walker will provide a tax credit for working families to ease the burden of child care costs. He will also continue to lower the burden on hard-working taxpayers and will seek to continue the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday.

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Keep Wisconsin Working

Before Scott Walker was Governor, the unemployment rate peaked at 9.3% when Democrats controlled state government, Wisconsin lost more than 133,000 jobs in the previous term and many of our graduates had to move out-of-state to pursue their careers.  We don’t want to go back to those days…the days of double-digit tax increases, billion-dollar budget deficits and record job loss.  That would be a giant step backwards.

Back then, Scott and Tonette Walker were worried that their sons wouldn’t be able to find a job –  let alone a career after graduation.  Today, Scott and Tonette are proud that Matt and Alex live and work in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker wants every parent and grandparent to have the opportunity for their children and grandchildren to be able to find a meaningful career that keeps them close to home here in Wisconsin.  That is at the heart of his plan to keep Wisconsin Working for Generations to Come!