ICYMI: Evers’ First TV Ad of the General Election Falls Flat with Mostly False PolitiFact
September 10, 2018

[Madison, Wis.] – Tony Evers’ poor record of telling the truth took another step backward Friday after a key argument in his very first TV ad of the general election was rated “Mostly False” by PolitiFact.

Tony Evers is lying about the facts in his very first ad of the general election — and, amazingly, making the case for Scott Walker‘s health care reforms in the process. What Evers fails to mention is that Minnesota’s premiums dropped only after embracing a reinsurance plan, similar to the one Governor Scott Walker signed into law and is now implementing to lower the premiums of hard-working Wisconsin families.

Read more from PolitiFact Wisconsin here or find excerpts below:

Tony Evers wrong to blame Scott Walker‘s rejection of Medicaid money for higher health costs
PolitiFact Wisconsin
By Eric Litke

“… Evers’ ad is built around the claim that Wisconsin premiums are 50 percent higher than Minnesota’s, but it goes astray on several fronts.

The ad attributes the figure to “Wisconsin families,” when it comes from an analysis that looks at the premium cost for a 40-year-old individual in each county.

And while the ad notes Minnesota “made changes,” the framing of the issue — starting with Walker’s rejection of the funds and ending with the difference in health care costs — leaves viewers with the impression that Walker’s decision is the sole, or at least a primary reason, the states have such different premiums.

Experts say that’s not correct. Several other policies and market dynamics play a more significant role than Medicaid in determining premiums.

Furthermore, differences in the health insurance markets between Wisconsin and Minnesota make simplistic comparisons between the states unreasonable.

The ad contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression. That’s our definition of Mostly False. …”