ICYMI: Foxconn’s Permanent Ripple Effect Being Felt Throughout the State
February 12, 2018

While Democrats continue to oppose good-paying jobs, Governor Walker delivers positive results

[Madison, Wis.] – In case you missed it, recent news coverage across the state shows the economic impact of the historic Foxconn investment is already being felt throughout Wisconsin. As Foxconn further plants its permanent roots deeper in the state, businesses in all regions of Wisconsin are signing up to become potential suppliers for the technology manufacturer; but Democrats continue to oppose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create good-paying jobs.

As the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram and Tom Still in the Wisconsin State Journal discuss, Governor Walker’s bold reforms are producing positive things for the people of Wisconsin. By continuing to grow our economy through pro-growth tax reforms, workforce development initiatives, and historic investments in student success, Governor Walker is moving Wisconsin forward for the state’s companies and taxpayers.

Read more from the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram here or find excerpts below:

16 regional companies have registered on state website for potential suppliers to massive Foxconn factory coming to SE Wisconsin
By Eric Lindquist
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

The massive Foxconn Technology Group factory planned near Racine will have a major impact on southeastern Wisconsin, but questions remain about how much it will affect businesses in other parts of the state.

What is clear is that a number of companies in the Chippewa Valley have expressed an interest in getting in on the action.

As of Friday, 16 companies in a 12-county region of west-central Wisconsin surrounding Eau Claire had registered on a state website for potential Foxconn suppliers. …

The state Department of Transportation has awarded Hoffman Construction Co. a $12.7 million contract to build Interstate 94 frontage roads at the Highway 11 interchange in front of the Foxconn site. The project, which began in January, is expected to be completed by June 1. …

“Foxconn’s positive economic impact is already rippling across western Wisconsin and the entire state — from a major Black River Falls contract to potential suppliers in Eau Claire to the company’s new state headquarters in Milwaukee,” Craft said. “With over a dozen companies in the Eau Claire area hoping to do business with Foxconn, it’s sad Dana Wachs, Kathleen Vinehout and the many other Democrat candidates continue to oppose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create good-paying jobs.” …

Read more from the Wisconsin State Journal here or find excerpts below:

Tom Still: Foxconn showing all signs they’re in Wisconsin to stay
By Tom Still
Wisconsin State Journal

There are still plenty of people in Wisconsin who think the Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group is giving the state a giant head fake.

Skeptics think the company has no intention to put down roots in Wisconsin, and is simply waiting for the chance to abscond with our tax dollars and scamper home.

The latest company announcement rammed home the fact that nothing could be further from the truth.

Foxconn is buying a seven-story building in downtown Milwaukee from Northwestern Mutual, Wisconsin’s 161-year-old insurance giant. It will be the company’s North American headquarters and a center for activities outside its planned manufacturing plant in Racine County. …

Many people still have their doubts about the size of the Foxconn deal and remain concerned about environmental effects. At this point, however, those who still believe Foxconn is giving a giant head fake are only faking themselves.