ICYMI: Gov. Walker Signs Bipartisan Legislation to Stabilize Health Care Markets and Lower Premiums for Wisconsin
February 28, 2018

[Madison, Wis.] – In case you missed it, Governor Scott Walker signed the first part of his bipartisan Health Care Stability Plan into law yesterday to address costs – showing yet again that Wisconsin is working.

Gov. Walker’s bipartisan reinsurance plan works to stabilize the health care market in order to reduce costs. After Washington failed to act on health care, it was time for Wisconsin to step up to the plate – and that’s exactly what Governor Walker is doing as he continues to fight for stable, patient-centered care.

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Gov. Walker signs part of Health Care Stability Plan into law

February 27, 2017

Surrounded by state representatives and medical personnel at Tomah Memorial Hospital, Governor Scott Walker put ink to paper on part of his Health Care Stability Plan. …

The new law is expected to lower premiums for people in the individual market.

“By driving premiums down, it’ll make it more accessible for folks who had it, number of whom even under the Obamacare exchange said they just couldn’t afford not just the premiums, but the copay. So this will help not only premiums go down, but it will bring more choices back in, more competition back in and that’s really about access points to health care out there,” said Walker.

This bill is just part of what Walker calls a larger Health Care Stability Plan.

The other parts of the plan including covering pre-existing conditions and obtaining a permanent waiver for SeniorCare. …

“We’re not going to wait any longer, we need to fix this. We need to help provide stability in health care and to drive premiums down so that people can afford access to quality healthcare. Which is literally the best in the nation right here in the state of Wisconsin,” said Walker.