ICYMI: Governor Walker Crisscrosses State on Announcement Tour
November 10, 2017

Wisconsin’s future is bright, but there is more to be done

In case you missed it, Governor Scott Walker crisscrossed the state this week on a re-election campaign announcement tour to discuss with hard-working families how he will keep moving Wisconsin forward with bold reforms that keep taxpayers first.

After announcing his re-election campaign at Weldall Manufacturing, Inc. in Waukesha, Governor Walker toured the state, stopping at 14 locations to rally with grassroots supporters. Energized crowds made clear that now, more than ever, Wisconsin must continue to move forward under the leadership of Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch.

Read more from Fox 21 News here or find excerpts below::

Gov. Walker Running for Third Term 
Lauren Leigh
Fox 21 News
November 8, 2017

Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch laid out their campaign visions Wednesday in the Northland.

The main goal is to keep Wisconsin moving forward. The Governor said he plans to focus on the opioid epidemic and support the choice of schools. Gov. Walker plans to run again, because he feels Wisconsin is the best its ever been. Those in attendance feel Gov. Walker played a large part in Wisconsin’s growth. …

Gov. Walker highlighted Wisconsin’s accomplishments during his time in office; the employment rate is at an all time high in state history, the investments made in the K-12 schools, and accumulative tax reforms of eight billion dollars.

“The big public special interest back in Washington, have put a target back on me,” Gov. Scott Walker said. “Reason is simple, they don’t like the fact that I took the power out of the big government special interest and put it firmly into the hands of the hardworking tax payers of this state.”

The rally meant a lot to on-goers. …