ICYMI: Governor Walker to Grassroots in Waukesha: Must Counter Democrat Anger with “Optimism and Organization”
February 8, 2018

[Madison, Wis.] – In case you missed it, Governor Scott Walker continued his travels rallying Wisconsin’s conservative grassroots army, recently attending the Republican Party of Waukesha County Caucus to tell supporters that it’s time to counter the anger of the Left with “optimism and organization.”

The governor immediately called a Democrat victory in a traditionally Republican State Senate District a “wake-up call” and has focused on mobilizing the grassroots army that has propelled him and other Wisconsin Republicans to unlikely victories, including the historic 2012 recall election.

He has called on supporters to organize and help spread the word on the positive things Wisconsin Republicans are getting done for hard-working families, from tax cuts to welfare reform to historic funding of our K-12 classrooms. Read more from the Waukesha Freeman here or find excerpts below:

‘We cannot presume anything’

Walker speaks to Waukesha area supporters about ‘difficult’ race this fall

By Dave Fidlin
Special to The Freeman

WAUKESHA — Gov. Scott Walker said he anticipates a challenging showdown against a crowded field of Democratic candidates this fall as he seeks a third term in office and opposing headwinds this mid-term election year.

Walker on Saturday spoke to supporters gathering for a caucus at the Republican Party of Wisconsin Southeast Regional Field Office in Waukesha. “Optimism” and “organization” were words he used frequently in describing his strategy for re-election this November.

“We have to get out, person to-person, door-to-door, making that contact,” Walker said to the supporters as he discussed canvassing efforts. …

He touted Wisconsin’s low unemployment rate, coupled with economic growth strategies, as an important part of his reelection message.

Walker also discussed the recent abolition of the state property tax as an example of his historically fiscal principles and said he remains committed to investing in the state’s university and technical college systems.

But through the upbeat, confident messaging, Walker also was quick to point out he saw challenges in the road ahead in the next nine months.

“This election will be more difficult than any election I’ve ever been a part of — and that includes the recall,” Walker said. “We cannot presume anything.”

Walker said the Republican message rings loud and clear across the state, but he also noted momentum within the state Democratic Party, as evidenced by last month’s special 10th Senate District rate — a surprise upset in favor of the Democratic Party in a historically GOP-dominated area.

“That was a wakeup call,” Walker said. “The left is angry and motivated.”

In his conversation with media and supporters at the caucus, Walker said his goal is to counteract state Democrats’ critical comments.

“We’ve got a positive story to tell,” Walker said of the state Republican agenda. “I hope people see I’m passionate about what we do.” …