ICYMI: Governor Walker Joined Fox & Friends to Urge NFL Players to Stand for the National Anthem
October 23, 2017

In case you missed it, Governor Scott Walker joined Fox & Friends on Sunday to discuss how NFL players should stand for the National Anthem and the U.S. flag out of respect for those who fought to defend our country and protect our freedoms. Governor Walker urged NFL players to use their platform to speak out against domestic violence, as the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“Don’t take away from something that should be a unifying force,” the governor said to those protesting the National Anthem.

Additionally, Governor Walker discussed how now is the time for national tax reform. Leaders in Washington, D.C. can look to the bold, conservative reforms Governor Walker and Republicans in the Legislature championed that cut taxes and put more dollars back into the pockets of hard-working Wisconsin families. The results turned Wisconsin’s economy around with more people working than ever before and an unemployment rate that hit a 17-year low in 2017.

Watch more from Fox & Friends here or find excerpts below:

Gov. Scott Walker Praises the GOP Tax Reform Plan
Fox & Friends
October 22, 2017

On the need for tax reform:

This is a good package and it’s something we should have done a long time ago, they should have done it months ago. I’m hoping they will get it passed right, quick to help get the economy going just like we have done in states like Wisconsin and others across America…

This rhetoric (the Democrats’) is the same playbook you see in Wisconsin, you see across the nation. Anytime Republicans talking about giving you back more of your money. Remember this is the American people’s money, this is not the government’s money! But any time they (the Democrats) talk about it, they try to pick one or two people who might benefit and say well look this person gets this amount or that person gets that amount…

What we found here in Wisconsin is that property and income taxes for everyone across the board will be lower in 2018 than they were when we started in 2011. And that’s good news for our economy…

On NFL players protesting the National Anthem:

If you want to do it on your own time, if you want to do it outside of your team’s uniform and your team’s time, go do it. You have an incredible platform. But don’t take away from something that should be a unifying force, and that is our pride in this great country – that gives us the right to speak out on whatever we may want…