ICYMI: Walker Campaign Launches Digital Campaign to Activate Support for Budget
February 21, 2017

In case you missed it, Friends of Scott Walker on Monday launched a digital campaign featuring WalkerBudget.com, a website encouraging voters to call on their legislators to support Governor Walker’s proposed tax cuts and historic investments in education.

The announcement made statewide news. You can read excerpts of coverage by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel below, or find the full story here.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign is launching digital ads Monday to seek support for his budget, the latest in a series of signals [that] he’ll run for a third term next year.

The digital ads encourage citizens to write to lawmakers to tell them to approve the proposals in Walker’s budget such as nearly $600 million in tax cuts over two years, an additional $649 million for K-12 schools and a 5% cut to in-state tuition for the University of Wisconsin System. …

“I intend to fight so working families are the ones who benefit, and I hope Wisconsinites will join me,” Walker said in a statement.