In The News: Gov. Walker Rallies Grassroots Activists With Statewide Field Office Grand Openings Tour
January 23, 2018

[Madison, Wis.] – Gov. Scott Walker traveled across the state recently to take part in the grand opening of three Republican Party of Wisconsin field offices and to emphasize the importance of grassroots leadership in spreading the word that he is getting positive things done for Wisconsin.

The governor rallying grassroots supporters came as the state party doubled its number of field offices and just days after he announced county coordinators for his campaign in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties who are working in their communities to secure four more years of bold reform. As another sign of momentum, the campaign recently announced a significant fundraising advantage — $4.2 million cash on hand — that reflects broad-based support across the state.

Check out what’s in the news:

From Sheboygan Press: “Those ‘good and positive things’? They were the milestones — sweeping public education reforms, property tax cuts and reduced unemployment, to name a few — that Walker touted as reasons that, even in a year that’s seen surprising Democratic victories in Republican strongholds from Alabama to Wisconsin, voters here should give him a third term.”

From WSAW: “The Governor said field offices, like the one in Weston, are important as he and other Wisconsin Republicans hope to fend off Democrats looking to make Wisconsin a blue state.”

From MySheboygan: “Last week, Governor Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin reported nearly $7 million cash on hand, nearly $2 million more than what they had at this point four years ago. The cash on hand, in addition to the announcement of 72 county coordinators – one in every Wisconsin county – is a sign of financial and organizational force as the 2018 election heats up.”

From Fox6 Now: “’Opening up offices like this here and I was in Wausau and the Sheboygan areas before this, this is really about getting people energized to start knocking on doors, making phone calls, connecting person to person,’ Walker said.”