In The News: Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans Demonstrate Grassroots Support with Strong Finance Period and Leadership in Every County
January 18, 2018

Governor Walker and Wisconsin Republicans Report Nearly $7 million Cash on Hand, Announce 72 County Coordinators  

[Madison, Wis.] – Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans reported nearly $7 million cash on hand on Tuesday, nearly $2 million more than what they had at this point four years ago. The cash on hand, in addition to the announcement of 72 county coordinators – one in every Wisconsin county – is a sign of financial and organizational force as the 2018 election heats up.

As Governor Walker and Wisconsin Republicans bolster their war chest in preparation for the onslaught of attacks from Big Government special interests, Governor Walker continues to discuss with hard-working families around the state how his bold reforms are getting things done in the fight to move Wisconsin forward. With 85% of Governor Walker’s donations coming in at $100 or less, the grassroots have sent a strong signal that they are hungry for more conservative leadership and are ready to fight for the Governor and the state’s Republicans.

Check out what’s in the news:

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Gov. Scott Walker reported Tuesday that he had raised $3.7 million in the last half of 2017 and had $4.2 million in cash, underlining the huge financial advantage he has over a fragmented field of Democratic challengers. … Walker’s fundraising easily outpaced the more than $2 million raised by his Democratic challengers combined and the just over $1 million they had in cash.”

From Wisconsin State Journal: “Walker also announced a corps of volunteer coordinators in all 72 counties to help with his re-election campaign and the Republican Party of Wisconsin announced a plan to double the number of field offices. Walker holds a significant fundraising advantage over a sprawling field of Democrats …”

From Associated Press: “Walker raised $3.7 million over the past six months, exceeding the roughly $2.3 million that eight Democrats brought in. … ‘We’re building the resilient grassroots campaign that we know will propel Wisconsin Republicans to victory in November,’ Walker said in a prepared statement.”

From WisPolitics: “Gov. Scott Walker pulled in $3.7 million during the second half of 2017, outraising the collective Dem field over the six-month period and finishing the year with more cash on hand. … A cover sheet from Walker’s campaign showed he finished 2017 with $4.2 million in the bank after raising nearly $7.2 million for the full year.”