In The News: Gov. Walker’s Workforce Agenda is Putting Wisconsin to Work
December 4, 2017

Governor unveils effort to further build Wisconsin’s workforce

[Madison, Wis.] – Gov. Scott Walker’s bold, conservative reforms have put hard-working Wisconsin families back to work. Since Governor Walker took office, the state’s unemployment rate has dropped to near historic lows and workforce participation has reached historic highs.

With more people working in Wisconsin than ever before, Governor Walker will continue reforming because there is more to be done to build our workforce. At the Future WI Summit, Governor Walker detailed a new attraction and retention program to add to the state’s workforce and continue to move Wisconsin forward.

Check out what’s in the news:

From Associated Press: “Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker wants to launch a nearly $7 million national marketing campaign to persuade millennials and military veterans to move to his state to help with a worker shortage.”

From Wisconsin State Journal: “Gov. Scott Walker announced Wednesday he is seeking $6.8 million from the Legislature this session for a campaign to market Wisconsin to young workers and veterans in other states.”

From The Cap Times: “Wisconsin enjoyed increases in private-sector jobs across both months, and set new records for the number of private-sector jobs in the state in September and October. … Altogether, the total number of estimated private-sector jobs in Wisconsin is 2,553,900, the highest it’s ever been.”

From BizTimes: “The preliminary, seasonally adjusted private job figure is the strongest month-over-month gain since January’s 10,400 job increase. It is also the second highest since Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011.”