In The News: Wisconsin Eliminates an Entire Tax Thanks to Gov. Walker’s Bold Reforms
December 22, 2017

Gov. Walker Travels State Highlighting Over $8 Billion in Tax Relief for Wisconsin’s Hard-Working Families

[Madison, Wis.] – Gov. Scott Walker traveled across the state to highlight his continued fight to lower the tax burden on Wisconsin’s hard-working families through the elimination of an entire tax. In fact, 100% of Wisconsin’s property taxpayers will see a 100% reduction on the state portion of their property tax bill.

In the decade prior to Governor Walker taking office, Wisconsin’s property taxes increased 27%. Governor Walker took on the big government special interests and returned the power to the taxpayers – with only one state in the nation lowering taxes more than Wisconsin since 2011. To keep moving forward, Governor Walker knows there is more to be done to further assist the people of Wisconsin and keep the state’s future bright.

Check out what’s in the news:

From WFRV News: “Governor Walker visited Green Bay today, highlighting the elimination of the state property tax levy and other property tax relief. Property tax reforms will result in savings of about $3000 for the typical household.”

From WSAW: “For the first time since 1931, there’s no state property tax. Governor Scott Walker visited Eau Claire Wednesday where he discussed the elimination of the state portion of the property tax and other property tax reforms.”

From Wisconsin State Farmer: “Governor Scott Walker is touting the elimination of the state portion of the property tax levy for the first time since 1931 and other property tax reforms.”

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “With tax bills arriving at homes across the state, Gov. Scott Walker on Monday touted the elimination of the state portion of the property tax. Walker, running for his third full term next year, has made property tax relief the centerpiece of his political message.”

From Fox6 News: “You might be noticing something missing from your property tax bill this year. The state property tax is gone.”