What They’re Saying: 5-Year Recall Anniversary Makes Clear Wisconsin Is Moving Forward Under Gov. Walker’s Leadership
June 7, 2017

Wisconsin is working and winning as a result of bold conservative reform

[Madison, Wis.] – This week’s 5-year anniversary of Gov. Walker’s recall victory made clear Wisconsin continues to move forward as a result of his bold conservative reforms and Republican leadership.

Recognition of the anniversary was covered by local and national news outlets as the governor discussed its impact and the ongoing fight to keep moving Wisconsin forward.

From WSAU Radio in Wausau: “Walker says Act 10 has done more than just provide $5,000,000,000 in tax relief since 2011. … Walker is encouraged that other states, like Iowa, Kentucky, and Missouri, have either discussed or adopted legislation similar to Act 10. In the five years since the recall election, Walker says the Democrats have gone further to the left, becoming a party of ‘opposition and anger.’”

From News/Talk 1130 WISN The Vicki McKenna Show: Walker said, “We’ve taken steps forward, but we’ll take it even further. You know my basic belief is we are good and decent people of the state. We want to help people in need. For those that are able we are going to enable to work. I’ve said it before, but I really believe that public assistance – that welfare should be more like a trampoline than a hammock.”

From the Washington Post: “Enter Scott Walker … who won in 2010. Then he won again in 2012, when Democrats tried to recall him for rolling back collective-bargaining rights. Then he won reelection in 2014. The nonstop political battles were grueling, but Republicans say that along the way, they whipped their meh state party into a vote-getting, organizational powerhouse.”

From WTAQ Radio The Jerry Bader Show: Walker said, “… you’ve seen in ‘12, ‘14 and ‘16 Republicans add to the majorities in the State legislature, because we’ve shown that common sense conservatives work. We’re less talking about what’s wrong with the other side and more talking about how we can move this state forward.”