What They’re Saying: Governor Scott Walker Delivers Results, Fights to Keep Moving Wisconsin Forward With More Reform
November 27, 2017

Bold Conservative Leadership Transforming Wisconsin But There Is More to Be Done

[Madison, Wis.] – Governor Scott Walker’s strong leadership is transforming the state of Wisconsin and serving as a conservative model for the nation – and will continue to do so as he fights for more bold reform to move Wisconsin forward. Through big, bold reforms focused on fiscal responsibility and limited government, Governor Walker is working and winning for hard-working families and putting the power back into the hands of the taxpayers.

Gone are the dreary days of budget deficits, tax hikes, and jobs fleeing the state. With more people working than ever before, historic investments in our classrooms, over $8 billion in tax relief, a pro-growth business environment, Foxconn’s historic $10 billion investment, over $5 billion in Act 10 savings, welfare reform and much more, the Wisconsin Comeback is real thanks to Governor Walker’s leadership. Still, there is more to be done to keep moving Wisconsin forward.

From key voices in Wisconsin and national media to influential conservative groups, check out what they’re saying:

Forbes Magazine: “When it comes to passing transformational policy reforms, no state in the country can hold a candle to what Wisconsin has done, both in terms of the number and magnitude of the reforms enacted, since Governor Scott Walker (R) was elected and Republicans took control of the legislature in 2010. With the unveiling of Governor Walker’s new budget this week, it’s clear the great reformer state is not done.”

The Washington Post: “At its heart, Walker’s comeback strategy is all about being present. The governor is good at raising big bucks, but he’s got no personal wealth. He comes from a modest background and never finished college. He eats ham and cheese sandwiches from a brown paper bag for lunch most days. This is part of his political identity.”

Chief Executive Magazine: “Wisconsin’s rise into the top 10 of Chief Executive’s ‘2017 Best States for Business’ has been the steadiest ascension in the rankings over the past five years—and one of the most deliberate. Since Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2010, he has pushed and deployed a laundry list of business-friendly policies in large part to persuade CEOs that Wisconsin would be a great place to site or expand their facilities and companies.”

Americans for Tax Reform: “Foxconn, the world’s largest electronic manufacturing services provider, will invest $10 billion in a new facility…that could create up to 13,000 jobs in the Badger State with an average salary of $53,875 plus benefits. The deal owes a lot of its success to reforms signed into law by Gov. Walker that have made Wisconsin more attractive to job creation and investment.”

Racine Journal Times Editorial Board: “This time of year is all about thankfulness, and this year Racine County has a lot to be thankful for. A lot of that is for Foxconn, which plans to invest billions of dollars to build a massive manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant that could employ as many as 13,000 workers when fully constructed.”

Washington Examiner: “Walker is one of a string of Midwest Republican governors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and his state of Wisconsin who have run and won in traditional blue states in difficult elections and emerged as strong executives as the country battled itself out of the recession.”

National Review: “Walker, who is eying a third term in 2018, rose to national prominence when he battled public-sector unions in 2011. While this no doubt cemented his reputation as a fiscal conservative, his impact on the Wisconsin judiciary will be an equally important and lasting part of his legacy.”

The Federalist: “Today, Wisconsin boasts a balanced budget, reserves that haven’t been seen in nearly two decades, property tax obligations that are in many cases lower than in 2011, and unemployment and labor participation rates that are almost impossible to top.”

Wall Street Journal: “In 2011 Mr. Walker’s union reforms and the public Battle of Madison looked like a huge political risk. This year the GOP added two seats to its state Senate majority, which is now 20-13, and one in the Assembly (64 to 35). Break up the duopoly of politicians and government unions, and good things can happen.”

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce: “Since coming into office in 2011, Gov. Walker has been a great friend to the business community, and his Small Business Agenda shows a continued dedication to growing Wisconsin’s economy. Each part of this agenda plays a key role in encouraging businesses to stay and expand in our state, but also ensures our employers have a talented workforce they can rely on.”