What They’re Saying: Governor Walker Presses for Bold Action, State-Based Reform
February 24, 2017

At Conservative Political Action Conference, Republican Governors Association meetings, Governor Calling for Washington to Get Out of the Way

Gov. Scott Walker is making the case for Republicans in Washington to return authority to the states, showing the potential for bold conservative reform in Wisconsin and nationwide at Republican Governors Association meetings and the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The time spent with policy makers and grassroots activists has made statewide and national news as Governor Walker has highlighted Wisconsin’s experiences with bold reform – even in the face of protest. Check out what they’re saying:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington, D.C., Walker said his fights with unions — and GOP success at the ballot box in the years afterward — showed conservatives win when they listen to voters. ‘Sadly, in Washington it is common practice to ignore the will of the voters,’ Walker said to a cheering crowd. ‘For too long the media and the status quo defenders spend their time listening to the noise of the protesters and the rhetoric of the pundits. … My plea to you today is to not get caught up in Washington, to not forget the voters, to not ignore the people who live in reality all across this country every single day.’”

Wisconsin State Journal: “‘It was a vivid reminder about what we learned in Wisconsin. Do what you said you were going to do. Go big, and go bold and follow through on the promises you made in a campaign.’ … Walker went on to describe his 2017-19 budget proposal and how his initiatives have generated a ‘reform dividend.’ He highlighted nearly $600 million in tax cuts as his top priority.”

National Review: “’When we had 100,000 or almost 150,000 protesters around our capital, a reporter asked me, don’t these people have a right to heard? I said, sure, that’s what’s great about America. You can protest your government. But I’m not going to let them drown out the voices of the people who elected me in this state who are at home, taking care of their families, and working. They elected me to do the things I’m doing.’”

Washington Examiner: “The boldness of his reforms paid off when they worked. That’s what made the protesters vanish. His signature reform, Act 10, allowed him to completely fix the state’s budget problems while keeping local governments flush with cash. It was so popular by 2014 that his re-election opponent did not even campaign on repealing it, just three years after 100,000 people had descended on the capitol in protest.”