Raging anti-Scott Walker fever has Wisconsin Democrats twisted in knots
February 16, 2018

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a whirring sound in Wisconsin. That faint hum is the OppositionTron 3000 machine working overtime to manufacture opposition for the state’s Democrats to some of Gov. Scott Walker’s election-year initiatives. These are proposals that, if introduced by a Democratic governor, liberals would swamp social media to support. But the mere idea that they might agree with Scott Walker has Democrats working late into the night in the talking point factory.

They dismiss Walker’s plan to save families money on school supplies as a “gimmick,” despite the fact that regressive sales taxes penalize the poor. At the same time they deride Walker’s $100-a-child tax credit plan as a “bribe,” they complain that the credit isn’t big enough. (On the federal level, Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Michael Bennet of Colorado have proposed increasing the child tax credit. If you hold your breath waiting for Wisconsin Democrats to complain, it would be best to have 911 on speed dial.)

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