Sales tax holiday helps students buy new laptops
August 6, 2018

Laptops can get expensive when you add all the accessories that go along with them, but the sales tax holiday can help save big on technology. And then combining the no sales tax deal with other student discounts can help students save up to $250.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, the guidelines for the sales tax holiday is that any computer or tablet under $750 qualifies to have no added sales tax when purchased. Jacob Stollfus, Geek Squad Manager, said that people can use the student discounts to get a computer discounted so it will then be in the $750 range to qualify for the no sales tax offer.

“With the tax free event, it allows students to upgrade into the I-7 processor instead of the I-5, helps them get more storage, and a solid state hard drive, which is going to be faster than your standard drive and it’s really going to help them get into that computer that is going to fit their needs,” Stollfus said.

Father Brandon Ryan and his daughter Olivia were able to buy a laptop that they might not have been able to afford without the deals. Olivia will be an incoming freshmen at UW-Green Bay and needed a new laptop for school.

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