Let’s Finish What We Started

In Wisconsin, we’ve come a long way thanks to Scott Walker’s bold reforms. More people are working this year than ever before, our unemployment rate has been at or below 3% for a record eight straight months, and we’ve invested historic actual dollars in our schools. But there is more work to be done.

Thanks to a strong economy, we’ve cut taxes and still invested in our priorities. Moving forward, Scott Walker wants to continue lowering the tax burden on hard-working families, while also making it easier for seniors to stay in their homes and for graduates to find careers right here in Wisconsin.

Find out more about Scott Walker’s plan to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come:


Connecting Students with Careers

To prepare students for success, Scott Walker wants to expand youth apprenticeship programs to students in 7th and 8th grades. This will help ensure that every student graduates from high school with a career plan. The governor’s agenda also includes expanding support for our technical colleges in Wisconsin – as many of the emerging careers require technical education. Read more: Get more information on our plan to expand Youth Apprenticeships here.


Reducing Student Loan Debt

To reduce student loan debt and help keep our graduates here, Scott Walker proposed a tax credit of up to $5,000 over five years for college graduates who live and work in Wisconsin. Plus, he will continue the UW tuition freeze for four more years. We need to fill high-demand careers, and this is another great tool to keep graduates here. Read more: Get more information on Scott Walker’s plan to reduce student loan debt.


Helping Seniors Stay in their Homes

To help senior citizens stay in their homes, Scott Walker will provide a tax credit to make it more affordable. In the past, too many of our seniors faced a financial crunch with high property taxes, high prescription drug costs and high health care costs. Scott Walker has a plan to help our seniors – and this will help grow the workforce as many of our retirees can become mentors for the next generation of workers. Read more: Get more information on Scott Walker’s plan to help seniors stay in their homes.


Making Child Care Affordable for Working Families

Too often we hear that the high cost of child care is a burden and even a barrier to entering or staying in the workforce. Scott Walker will provide a tax credit for working families to ease the burden of child care costs. He will also continue to lower the burden on hard-working taxpayers and will seek to continue the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday. Read more: Get more information on Scott Walker’s plan to help make child care more affordable for working families.