Tony Evers: Playing Politics with Healthcare

Governor Walker has led the way in the fight to bring down the cost of care and maintain coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

In his latest ad, state representative and two-time cancer survivor Mary Felzkowski discusses how she worked alongside Governor Walker to help lower healthcare premiums. Working across the aisle with legislators, Gov. Walker signed into law a bipartisan Health Care Stability Plan that invests $200 million in a market-based solution to bring down the cost of care.

With the reforms Gov. Walker has made, Wisconsin continues to move forward while Tony Evers’ ideas would only take our state backward.


Lower Premiums for Wisconsin Families

PolitiFact has already rated as Mostly False Tony Evers’ distortion that Governor Walker caused healthcare costs to go up at the same time Minnesota’s went down. Marketplace premiums went up in Minnesota when they took the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. They only went down when they passed a plan nearly identical to the one Governor Walker, Representative Felzkowski, and the Legislature just approved in Wisconsin.


Covering Seniors and Those with Pre-Existing Conditions

In his 2018 State of the State Address, Governor Walker proposed a threefold plan for healthcare: to lower marketplace premiums, protect pre-existing conditions, and extend SeniorCare. A vast majority of both Republicans and Democrats supported Governor Walker’s reinsurance plan to reduce healthcare costs. While Obamacare caused premiums to increase by 44% last year, Governor Walker’s actions will reduce premiums by 4.2% and also bring more healthcare options to people across Wisconsin.