Walker announces child tax rebate and 2018 sales tax holiday
February 9, 2018

Governor Scott Walker and Speaker Robin Vos announced an agreement to return the state’s budget surplus to taxpayers through a one-time child sales tax rebate and sales tax holiday in 2018.

“As I promised, when we have a surplus, we will give it back to you. It’s your money,” Governor Walker said. “So, if you’ve got three kids at home under the age of 18, that’s $300 more this year for new shoes, coats, activity fees at school, or a co-pay at the doctor or dentist. Plus, we want to provide a sales tax holiday which comes right in time for back-to-school supplies.”

As Governor Walker proposed in his State of the State Address, families across Wisconsin would receive $100 for every child living at home under 18 through a check in the mail this year. Under the agreement with Speaker Vos, when parents make the claim with the state online, they would also have the option to donate the amount to charitable causes, which are currently part of the state tax check-off program.

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