Walker addresses the budget

Walker Calls for Swift, Bipartisan Action on Agenda
January 26, 2018

Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday urged Republicans and Democrats to unite to quickly approve a $100-per child tax credit and a host of other election-year priorities, including guaranteeing insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Walker issued the call during his eighth State of the State address, which came at a time of record-low unemployment in Wisconsin and with more than a dozen Democrats vying for the chance to deny the Republican governor a third term in November.

“These are not Republican or Democrat issues. These are just Wisconsin issues,” said Walker, whose previous policies so divided the state that he stood for a recall election in 2012.

The child credit Walker is proposing would equal $100 for every kid living at home under age 18 payable in cash this fall, shortly before he stands for re-election. There are about 1.2 million children in the state in 671,000 households. The $122 million cost would come from a state budget surplus.

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