Walker Campaign Knocks on 500,000th Door of Election Cycle in Green Bay
August 6, 2018

Governor Scott Walker was in Green Bay Saturday morning, knocking on doors and speaking with residents ahead of November’s gubernatorial election.  The governor made his campaign’s 500,000th knock of the election cycle at the household of Lee and Gwen Hoffmann on Green Bay’s east side.

“He was easy to talk to, enjoyable,” Lee said. “We were quite honored to have that happen.”

The governor said he wants to keep his campaign tone positive, and that these visits are important to spread his message.

“We call these weekends Super Saturdays,” Walker said. “Hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers go out and help us share the message.”

Walker said as part of his visits with voters, he hands out information cards on subjects like education, healthcare, and welfare reform.  The governor also told Local 5 his campaign is aiming to hit 1 million knocks before the end of the election cycle.

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