Walker in downtown Waukesha
February 19, 2018

Announces plans for 2018 tax holiday, $100 child tax credit

Gov. Scott Walker announced Friday afternoon at Martha Merrell’s Books & Toys two pieces of proposed legislation he says will help bring money back to Wisconsin taxpayers.

Walker said yet again for this fiscal year, there is a larger than expected surplus. He said the easiest way for the state to send that money back is through a combination of a child tax credit and a sales tax holiday for all Wisconsinites.

“The sales tax holiday, which we work with Assembly leaders on, would be for everyone the first week of August (Aug. 4-5) and is for all retail items off the shelf,” said Walker. “It would be for things you see here. It would be for people like my mom that like to come over here with their granddaughters and look for books.”

Walker says the first week of August is an ideal time for a tax holiday, with the back-to-school season heading into full swing. All items $100 dollars or less would be included. The state would also send back — electronically or through a check, depending on how people sign up — $100 for every child under the age of 18 and living at home.

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