Walker focuses on closing gap
October 9, 2018

Although Gov. Scott Walker is down by five points in a recent poll, the Republican incumbent believes he can secure re-election if he can debunk the attack ads opposition groups have produced.

Walker, who appeared at a Republican office in Burlington Sunday, conducted a follow-up interview with this newspaper on Monday to convey his views on the attack ads and explained his positions on a variety of topics.

On Sunday when he and other Republicans met campaign volunteers in Burlington, Walker received feedback from supporters who had concerns about the polling.

“From what I have been told and looking at the ads I can see on my own mobile device, you have had almost two months of nonstop attacks,” said Walker, who believes some of the funds have come from Washington-based groups.

“I think they are just plain false. A good example is there has been an ad over the last couple of weeks that falsely claims that I would take pre-existing (health coverage) away from people.”

He also said the recent Marquette Law School poll that shows him trailing by five points to Democratic challenger Tony Evers has been proven wrong in the past. About two years ago the poll showed U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson trailing by six points, but he eventually secured re-election from Democratic challenger Russ Feingold.

“I believe we will do the same thing in this election and have the same result,” he said.

He called the current poll numbers a snapshot of the current conditions and said he believes his campaign will close the gap.

As he offered insight into the polls, Walker examined topics, like health care, education, the Foxconn development in Racine County and area infrastructure.

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