Walker makes campaign stop in Marshfield
October 23, 2018

Governor Scott Walker made a visit to Marshfield Oct. 14, as part of a four-stop campaign schedule.

The schedule included visits to Ashland, Eagle River, Tomahawk, and Marshfield, which Walker said had the best turnout of the day.

“There have been nice big crowds, but this is by far I think the largest,” Walker said.

Over 200 people gathered at the Marshfield Mall to show support for Governor Walker in his race for his third term. Walker said that a third term surprises him considering he had aspirations to go into business at the age of 18.

“I always thought I would go in business until the summer I was going into my senior year,” Governor Walker said. “I was always interested in history and social studies, and the American Legion state program – Badger Boys State – kind of sparked my interest.

“So, I thought maybe at some point later in life I might run for office, but I had no idea, certainly, a third term. When I was 18, Tommy Thompson was running for governor. No one else had ever come close to being in office more than a couple terms.”

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