Walker makes Rhinelander stop in re-election tour
November 10, 2017

Governor Scott Walker is looking to make more history in 2018. After surviving a recall election in historic fashion back in 2012 and winning re-election in 2014, Walker is seeking to become only the second man since the term of office was changed to four years in 1967 to be elected to a third term as Wisconsin governor.

The incumbent Republican announced his re-election plans over the weekend and then embarked on a three-day tour of the state looking to fire up the party faithful. The tour made its way to Rhinelander Monday afternoon.

Addressing a large crowd inside the cavernous CrossTrac Equipment Company shop, Walker spoke of how his leadership has moved Wisconsin forward in his first two terms.

“I’m here to tell you the reason that I am running for governor is that I believe in you,” Walker said. “I believe in the people of Wisconsin, and I believe there is more work to be done in the future, and most importantly, I believe that our best days are yet to come. With your help, we’re going to continue to move Wisconsin forward.”

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