Walker Proposes Expanding Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship Program
September 11, 2018

Gov. Scott Walker is proposing an expansion of youth apprenticeship programs in Wisconsin.

Youth apprenticeships offer high schoolers job training for specific careers, like welding, civil engineering, and medical assistantships. Right now, apprenticeships are available to juniors and seniors in high school. Under the governor’s proposal unveiled Tuesday, they would be expanded to all high school students, as well as seventh- and eighth-graders.

Walker touted the expansion at the Rotary Club of Milwaukee as a way to combat the state’s worker shortage.

“We want to start our young people thinking earlier on about what are you good at? What are you interested in? What kind of career opportunities are out there?” Walker said. “We need every student to graduate, and not just to graduate, but graduate with a game plan for what their career is going to be.”

The expansion is also the subject of Walker’s latest statewide television campaign ad.

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