Walker proposes raising homestead credit for low-income seniors
October 9, 2018

Gov. Scott Walker is calling for increasing the maximum property-tax credit for low-income senior citizens by 50 percent.

The Republican governor said on Monday he wants to let people who make up to $37,020 and are at least 62 years old claim the credit. The current maximum income is $24,680. When Walker’s office first put forward the proposal last month, representatives of the governor said the average benefit from the increase would amount to $483.

Walker’s Democratic opponent, Tony Evers, meanwhile  proposed a series of changes he said he would carry out should Wisconsin voters elect him governor. Among them: automatic voter registration for 18-year-olds, nonpartisan redistricting and the enlisting of an inspector general to serve as a watchdog over state government. …

Walker argued that Evers was making the proposals to distract voters from his support for raising taxes. Evers has said he’s open to increasing some taxes while cutting others as part of a broad agenda to lower the tax burden on working families and find a sustainable way to pay for roads.

“The only thing that people are going to get from Tony Evers are higher taxes,” Walker said, after discussing his proposal for homestead-tax credits at the Milwaukee home of Carol Kimpel, who has owned that property since 1953.

The governor said his proposed changes to Wisconsin’s homestead tax credit would increase the benefit amount going to people like Kimpel from $1,168 to $1,752. The push to raise the credit comes after Walker, in his first state budget, eliminated indexing of the homestead-exemption program. That change did away with automatic annual increases in the maximum income levels that determine when someone qualifies for the credits. It also did away with certain property-tax credits.

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