Walker stresses ‘Wisconsin is really working’
October 9, 2018

With six weeks until people head to the polls Gov. Scott Walker is working to stress what he sees as positive things happening within the state in hopes of getting re-elected to a third term. …

During an interview with the Reedsburg Times-Press, he stressed some of the actions his administration like lowering property taxes and the states unemployment rate decreasing to three percent since he first took office in 2010.

“We have more career opportunities posted in the state right now than we have unemployed people to fill them,” Walker said. “Wisconsin really is working and we can’t afford to turn back now. We’ve completely turned things around from where they were in 2010 they are much better in 2018. We have a plan to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come but we can’t afford to turn backwards.”

Walker has dubbed himself as a “pro-education governor” with the 2017-19 budget setting aside $13.7 billion to go towards schools. Walker said Evers labeled the budget as a “pro-kid budget.” However, in the 2011-2013 budget K-12 education money was cut to address a $3 billion shortfall. In addressing the cuts to education in that budget Walker said the Act 10 reforms, created in the 2011 budget, has saved school districts more than $3 billion.

“Each year since I’ve added money and in the last state budget we put the largest actual dollar investment in state history,” Walker said.

He said the difference is not in how much money is spent, but where the money is being spent. He said his administration has focused on more money going towards the classroom.

“If Tony Evers and the unions have their way, they will remove our reforms and that will take money out of the classroom away from students and put it into overhead,” Walker said. …

On the topic of healthcare, while he said anyone with a preexisting condition is currently covered, if the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed Walker said he would call a special session for the Legislature to “finish the job.” …

He said Evers wants to keep Obamacare to achieve that. Walker said Obamacare has been “an abysmal failure” with premiums increasing. He pointed to the federal government recently approving the state to provide a reinsurance program to help keep premiums low while still covering pre-existing conditions. The plan, he said, is scheduled to take effect in January 2019.

“Premiums will go down, choices will go up,” Walker said. “This will allow more options for people to pick from.”…

He said his administration has invested $35.5 million in the last budget for broadband and TEACH grants and the goal is over the next two years to have every part of the region have access to broadband.

“We’ve set the resources aside to make sure every part of the state has access to high speed internet connections the key now going forward is finding those providers and those communities to pair up with to get those resources,” he said.

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