Yes, Scott Walker is an ‘education governor’ for Wisconsin
June 22, 2018

Walker has challenged the narrow meaning of the word “education.” During the Act 10 debate, he argued mere spending increases didn’t do kids any good if they were primarily used to prop up lavish health and pension benefits for public school teachers. His reforms both poured more money into classrooms and allowed school districts more flexibility in hiring younger, more dynamic teachers. No longer are districts hamstrung by turgid union rules meant to benefit the teaching establishment over kids.

Further, “education” doesn’t take place solely in public schools. Walker has expanded private school choice statewide, allowing low-income parents the option to choose how their children are best served. The year before Walker took over, slightly more than 20,000 Wisconsin kids were educated in voucher schools; by 2017, 33,000 children were enrolled in the program statewide.

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